In dank aan onze inspiratiebronnen om elkaar en jongeren iets zó duidelijk te maken dat we door zichtbaarheid allemaal meteen een ander standpunt innemen.

Masaru Emoto
Project of Love and Thanks to Water on Schools:

Linda and Dan Popov
The Virtues Project on Schools: Integrate the language of virtues in teachable moments and offer spiritual companion. Has been awarded by the United Nations:

Arnold Patent, Willem de Ridder
FANCLUBBING on Schools to practise Universal Principles. Working with energy on a joyful, harmonious, creative and abundant way.

Alexander Tsiaras
The evolution of mind on schools by bodyconsciousness. Path-breaking movies, on the border of medical science, research and art, shows how human breath,move, think, feel and cherish. All aspects of built and functions of the human body:

About knowledge and understanding
Indigenous Environmental Network maintaining the Secret Fire of our traditions. Annual Protecting Mother Earth Conference:
Publishing the most important independent news and direct actions on earth:
Irene von Lippe-Biesterfeld, patroness
We are Nature. Earth, I love You. The New Teachers give life new impulses by the experience of multi-dimensionality and wholeness in connection with everything around us.

Yoko Ono, patroness
Do Something Wonderful For Yourself And Humanity
9 october
John Lennon: The soon as you're born they make you feel small.....till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all. Ooh Mama. I don't want to be a soldier, Mama, I don't want to die. Oh I don't want to be a liar Mama, I don't want to lie.

6 february
Bob Marley born - Africa Unite - Imagine, there are no borders. It's so easy to do..
'music gonna teach dem a lesson'

Lucky - Unlucky
At the first glance! Everybody sees immediately very very very clearly where on earth people are happy. Or unhappy by violence, illness, losing, unworthiness, all places where desecration happens. People find easy the resources for human usefulness, history, industrial hemp and the moneyflows on Earth. VISIBILITY as key to change views.

Demeter, de toegewijde Moeder, Godin van groei, vruchtbaarheid, landbouw, het koren. 100% Biologisch Dynamisch. Waar kropjes sla tijd krijgen om te puberen.

Snoepgoed "on the road of life", een overvloedige bron van informatie over de onderlinge samenhang van lichaam en geest, voeding en geest, gevoelstips, gevoelskoeken

EasyWay om je te bevrijden uit de gevangenis van verslaving Ontrafeling van collectieve overtuigingen en emotionele hersenspoelingen

Scientistic healthmix from East and West: emotional rescue Vrij van verslaving - een spirituele benadering

Ongewoon nieuwe gesprekken met onze Oneindige Intelligentie

Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie

Compassion born of personal understanding. Herbalife International Family Foundation is a non-profit organization helping disadvantaged children around the world.* Herbalife heeft een totalglobal newmoneysystem opgezet in 60 landen.

Kids saving the rainforest

An international network of children's charities working together to save what remains of the world's rainforests.

Overal ter wereld zijn inspirerende mensen te vinden die werken aan vooruitgang. Ode, het tijdschrift.

Onbekommerd genieten, Spa water

The basic connection and civil rights movement. About the culture, history, legacy and heritage of African Americans. In de film Sexual Healing, 2006, wordt de Europese periode uit Marvin Gaye's leven verfilmd. Time for sexual healing in this world.

Sinéad O'Connor sings: '....there has to be knowledge and understanding........'

I thought that I heard you laughing, I thought that I heard you sing. I think I thought I saw you try. Everybody hurts, everybody cries, everybody hurts sometimes. You're not alone! R.E.M.

We don't need no education. We don't need no thoughtcontrol. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone. Is there any pudding? Pink Floyd

We can be heroes, just for one day. David Bowie

Mick Jagger, the dancer, be natural as you are

Madonna: Love is the only answer

Sunrise Earth invites you to witness nature awakening. The most spectacular places on Earth. Explore our world with science, kids, human's, animals, life